hoho~~现在在ss14mc.D 帮忙joy joy的组做她的disney网站。。。。

全部在赶。。。想起前阵子我是如何度过的 T^T

最近超有梦想的,可能是被某些东西inspired 了! yeahoo~~
我可以做到的!一定!! ^^





嘻嘻!喜欢参加营的朋友们,有兴趣的话可以下载 [ 报名表格 ] 然后交/email给我~
这个营是2年一次。 我做了两届的营员,两届(包括这次)的筹委。
老了。。。。。。啊 ~~~


就这样~ 本小姐还有camp banner 还得赶出来啊~~~



i promise my self

to change a new skin for my blogie...~~~~
i already say i wanna change it since last few term ago...
but everytime i din really go and do it....

anyway. i wanna credit joyce as she help me to refine my stupid html code...
T^T ishhh....
thanks ya~

weeeeee~~~~~~ do u guys like the new looks? comment ya~

updates for my holiday plan:
-refine advanced game (soon u guys can play my game d)
-design for another blog skin
-read alot of book and yeah! go to bookfair...
-watch movie
-go peneng & kuantan...
-draw!! draw!! draw!!
-make my blog alive T^T

sorry for being so long to neglect this blog..
coz ntg much i can update.
+ i think this terms my design are sucks!!
+ busy daily life...
everyday rush.. kinda lazy to blog about it.
anyway. this gonna be design blog.. i have another daily journal blog...
so i will try to keep update u guys ya!!


at leats i done something in this holiday~ phewwww~~~~

im wanna go bookfair at KLCC.....

Organic + Interface

* sorry for the late report :( *

After rushing and suffering from alot of assignments and submission...
We have a class trip to PetroSains@KLCC shopping mall~
This is the 2nd time to step into Petrosains...
Nothing much change as i could said. But this trip kind of reminds me alot of my secondary science knowledge and theory.
Is been a moment that i didn't touch any science subject since i study in The One Academy.

Well, the part that i like the most is sitting the cable car to enter the Petrosains. It was an awesome experience!! When i visiting the Petrosains, i felt that not everyone will stay longer to read the information unless the interaction is interesting and attractive. I felt that the info is quite sufficient but in another way, it is too much. As a reader, is hard for us to spend alot of time to read that because there are still have many others stuff we need to explore in the Petrosains. I think that the content is very original and with the interesting interaction, the message can be convay to the user.

As for the topic i got for this trip---> organic + interface....
Organic is about forms, methods and patterns found in living systems. It means basic or natural.... well, This reminds me about when we want to develope an idea. I believe those awesome stuff that created by sciencetist also start from their very basic concept/idea and everything is started from a question... which is "why??"" until they found their answer. Thus, they also can be known as a designer. They design and create something great stuff and thru their 'work of creation' they convay the message or the knowledge to everyone. So, as a designer, we should have the learning attitude as sciencetist. We should always have a deep thinking and good observation and use our artwork to educate the next generation~ Everything start from the basic and anything can be a good idea if u have the passion to do it!! :)
There are many interesting interface that i explore in Petrosains. Every piece of creation have its own meaning and each concept is unique. The interface design is special and it was design in a purpose. As to reflect in our design perspective, we should always design in a purpose but not simply design something that is meaningless. The most important is we can bring out the main idea.

Yea, this is what i felt after visiting the Petrosains trip...
It was a enjoyable and fun moment together with whole bunch of MM075 coursemates...
I'm looking forward for the next field trip..

weeee~~~ :)

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