Another busy day

finally got time to post a new article...haha
i was busying wif the alien langauge----> action script 3.0

really need a lot of time to do the scripting...argh....
but the outcome is satisfying when my buttons are working~~~~~~weee....
this is the homepage review lar.. although stil hav lotz of trouble.. xD
i use photoshop to do the old paper effect.... yea, so this is my style for this

About typo exhibition poster design..
Attention plz: the detail on the poster all are fake one.
My title for my own exhibition: Colorful dream....
this is the some of the posters design review~~~~

yea...for those whu not yet step into the one gallery...
U should go!!!The exhibition is awesome...
is all MM students work..
i can see many geng senior's good art work!!
it really inspired me alot....
espcially the starLite talk...
love it~
and proud to be MM student... wahahahaha...
so fun... the lecturers are fun and nice. (maybe not in the future?)
and the subjects that we learning is interesting as well....
ahem ahem..
i'm not accusing that other course is not good...
below are the pics tat i took in the gallery..

why no ppl de? wahahaha.... can see my gingy????

the audience all hide inside le.. haha... kidding~

hehe... my interface design been selected to exhibit...
so happy....keep on kanbatte!!! yeah~~

very busy lo, this weekend got chuch camp...
cannot absent coz i'm one of the commitee..
i dunno why i am so incredibly hav time to spend for the meeting and do the camp stuff
due to many tons of assignmentssss....
sometimes, i think i can die from exhaustion.. but thanks GOD!!! he let me alive!!
oh yea.. i oso design the camp t-shirt... got 2 color n white...

i prefer the white wan... haha....nvm.. i will wear to college someday after the camp~

-Miss Furrrlicia-

Street Art @ Pasar Seni

Have you ever walk along at the pasar seni lrt station and pass by the river bridge????

last saturday me and my bestfren-Ai Wee went down to pasar seni for a camp meeting...
After the meeting, we walk to lrt station...
While we are walking back, i saw something interesting in the street....

here is the conversation between me and ai wee.
Miss Furlicia: "wa!!! look at that!! so cool!"
ai wee: "i heard my leacturer told us something about this street art wher nearby this pasar seni lrt station."
Miss Furlicia:" oh...i din't know there is a story behind..>.< face="Trebuchet MS" size="2">ai wee: " well, my lecturer said that those artist who paint on the wall are those person who TAKE DRUG!!!!"
Miss Furlicia: "OMG!!!!!"
Miss Furlicia: " they took drug and yet still can produce such crazy work??????"

i can't believe my eyes...
those drug taker are talented like designers oso...
This are the story that told by my friend la.. i dunno true anot..

Anyway, have u heard something like this before??

if drug can help us to be creative den why not hav a try???
hahaha... kidding...
Once u take drug u will hav no good future....
i won take this silly action de... don worry!
i still wanna enjoy my life like wad tatsun said during in the seminar! haha >__<

enjoy the pictures!

-Miss Furlicia-
Mood: happy, lazy
Rushing: CGPP board game
Energy: 80%
Health: 9/10
Fruit season

hehe... guess wad? now is tropical fruits season!!!
is good to eat free durian, rambutan and other fruits in my hometown...
but is sad when my family went back there without me!!!!!!!!! >.<

bcoz hav to rush m CGPP-spongbob packaging design on tuesday, i hav to sacrifice...
i can't go back to melaka on weekend...
thus, these are some pictures which took by my bro.. ahem ahem...
and edited by me... muahahaha....=3

when my family came back from melaka, they eally brought back alot of fruits...
but i can't eat them!! WHY?
because i din take care my body while they are not arround, i fall sick!!
hehe.. but now recovered already, so i can eat as much as i can... hoho*__*

They are my beloved grandpa and grandma...haha.. they are arranging those
fruits for selling and of coz some they "da bao" to ask us bring back home to eat!

i'm so desperate to eat!!! mummmm...

my daddy really cannot live without his camera, btw he is a photographer.

'da bao' me home please!!

Wondering wat happen right?? actually those are the rag and cloths that
my grandparents used it to wrap the cempedak as to make sure they have
a "soft landing".... model: my cousins( jimmy and qing)

lastly, introducing my cute chicken pox cousin.. haha...Jimmy~~
a cute boy but very notty...
just stay away from him lar...

-Miss Furlicia-

*YokoMon ice cream shop*

Yo, ppl!!
Introducing the Yokoman strawberry flavor ice cream~
last week, i went to try this new opening ice cream shop wif eleen...
we actually interested more on the packaging and the interior design but not the ice cream itself! haha
is too dream shop!!!!
so cute, the character design.. like it like it so much~~~~

Oh yea, this is the ice cream that we shared >.<

The interior design was freaking awesome!

me and eleen having great fun while eating ice cream~

yummy!!! everybody should go try at least once....
bcoz we should try anything while our body condition allow us to eat so! haha
Being Young is good!!
but we getting old each day becoz we sleep late pulak~
Anyway i would like to give credits to eleen as i grabbed these beautiful picture
from her blog. wakakaka... thankss =3

-Miss furlicia-

FLASH: The sea stranger

(sorry for the unconvenient, bcoz due to some technical problem,
I only can upload POOR video quality,argh... )

maybe some part of animation is missing... lack la... btw, if u
wanna download my swf file... u are welcome~
please CLICK here to...---> Download!!!


Yeah~~ finally!!! finally I have done my flash!!
let me introduce my story to everyone whu still dunno yet...
The title for this project is: save endangered animal
So, after my research, i choose dugong the mermaid as my main character for my animation.
Another character i would like to intro is the cute but notty evil snacker!
She throw the plastic bag into the sea and cause the tragedy.....T__T

The msg that I would like to convey to the audience is many ppl usually didn't think what will happen
to the marine animals or the victims when they simply throw rubbish and pollute the environment.
They are not killing those animals but also killing their own life...
Fish die bcoz of water pollution and we are the person whu eat those fish.
The atmosphere is getting polluted and this caused we lack of oxygen to breath...
The trees are being cut down and it caused the global warming...
The differences between we and the pitty animals are they die faster den us...>.<
maybe our immune system is better than animals...maybe? wahaha

ok, let us come back to my animation~
I wanna let everyone know what will happen due to the irresponsible attitude that had done by the ppl.
come on!!
unconsciously..... we had became the murderer....inculding children....
OMG! the animals are too innocent!!!

Please do not pollute the sea any more and start the recycle NOW!
ur good behaviour will be redeem when you are in the heaven then... wahaha

enjoy the animation and please leave me a comment wheater it is good or sucks! ok?
(Thanks for spending ur time to read my long text)

-Miss Furlicia-
mood: normal
rushing:Design method 1 assignment
Energy: 60%
Health: 7/10
What i need...

What i needed now is sleep.
please appreciate your friend~
My flash progress

lol..long time din updates...
because i wil sleep if i have any free time to do so. >.<

stil working hard on my animation and sounds effect...

many feedbacks for my animation is cute.... hmmm...
Is it just only cute? i need more comment... more more more...
haiz, nex time i wil try some mature style...>.<
maybe my target audience wil be kids... hohoho
too childish style.(for me) i wanna challenge others style.

today TOA invited a special guest who is working in the industry of post-production company for a talk.
I kinda know more abot motion graphics now and i think it is cool and awesome...
haha.the 3D effect is nice!!

to be continue....

I'm so tired...
too tired for this week

assignment really killing me....
this is the 1st time ever i din sleep n rush for the animation...
i pay so much effort on it but...
on the next day....
i woke up late..
the class is at 9.30am and i woke up at 10.30am
actally tat day we suppose have to show our final review for the animation with sounds effects....
(so can u imagine how fast is the speed i drive to sunway just for the presentation... i was so nervous!)
finally....i reach the collage at 11am... =/
i felt terribly bad for myself..
i'm not so responsible enough.
i shouldn't sleep after complete my flash....T___T
is too tired...
but luckily lecturer din comment bad about my flash...
if not i will cry on the spot already >.<

dat day really make me exhausted, after the presentation i went back home sleep from 2pm until 8pm...
after tat i have to rush another 4 postcards design for design method 1...
wtf... too rush...
after complete, i tot is final...
but yenny suddenly said the deadline postpone to next 2 weeks.
OMG!!! den why i push my self so hard for????????
The one life is terrible......sobz

Busy weekend

This is gonna be a busy weekend.....
wtf.... =/
saturday got 3 decision to make...
1 is go to my std 6 classmates reunion.
2 is go for my church youth meeting
3 is don go anywhere stay at home to do assignment....

I rather choose 3...
but felt so sorry for 1.... dam long din meet my old classmates d...
I am going to busy because there are lotz of stuff i need to submit for next week!!

monday: moral eassay, moral test
tuesday: show tracing to TAY
wed: final checking on the web design + 30 experimented posters
thursday: animation review + sound effect
fiday: presentation on Project 2 [postcard]

wtf... can die already...
can i noe other design academy oso like this???
why so rush.. i think designer can die faster..
because everyday burn midnight oil...
i dunno my oil still left how many cc la.....
duno enough use until i gradate anot xp

So to my good friends, for ur imformation,
i will not going anywhere to shopping or having fun until my termbreak... @___@

Unlucky day

My car sent to service today and I drove my mum's car today....
something bad happens...........
I drove halfway in the fast lane of highway...
suddenly the car at infront stops and i manage to do a imergency break...
all my assignment jumped and bump out from my seats.....
i was like WTF at first....
and den OMG....
coz the car behind me can't stop in time...
she bang my car's butt...
dam terrible...
i felt so sorry for my mum's car lor.. new car and just 1++ year only...

den later i suppose to rush to TOA pass the typo research cd to lily.. but now...
haih.. cannot liao..
1: i scare to drive now
2: need to go for service

To be honnest, i'm a dangerous driver... i admit it.. i don like to drive.. but have to...
if not i will be going to sit bus everyday...
No.. i don wanna go back to tat kind of life~~ ANYMORE....

now my mood very down lor..
tot come back can do my flash.. now all my mood is ruin.. wanna cry arrrrrr.......
No tearssssss....
today typo makes me die already...
hope i can done it by today.. the 80%... maybe..
god please blesss me.....

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