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happy holiday~
got too many things to do...
but till now 1 oso not yet do..haihhhh

Now at cyber

now at cyberjaya..
visiting my fren...
later tonight putrajaya got put fire work.
can go see.....
A Vacation with my family

21/8 ~ 24/8 Pulau Perhentian Trip
yea, last weekend, i went to Terengganu wif my family for a vacation.
The journey is very long from PJ to Terengganu as we have to travel for 7 hours!
wanna die man... my body is freaking torturing...
because there are 7 of us are travelling with a toyota car.

when i reach pulau perhentian, i was amaze by the scenery.
As u can see from the photos, the air is fresh, the sea is visibly clean and clear,
the sun is very hot just like summer day,
and i saw alot of foreigner came to visit at the island.
All of them are wearing bikini and walking around at the beach =3
Almost the visitor are foreigner and sometimes i doubting that
:" Am i at Malaysia now???"
because i hardly see many local malaysian there. lol
maybe pulau redang is well known than pulau perhentian?
maybe? some idiot like me even don't know both of them are neighbour.

i very enjoy this vacation although is abit rush because we stay there
just for 2 days 1 night and we almost cannot catch the last boat to go back to the main jeti. <3

At the island, me and my family are having a snorkling trip around the island
and that was cool~~~~!!!!
i can c a big sea turtle is swiming underneath my body...
i can c many colorful fishes swiming wif me....
i nearly can see a stingray in the sea but it hav to depend on our luck T__T
i can c nice and scary coral in th sea... why so scary? coz they really big and i don dare to get near them >.<>
i suddenly felt the mysterious of sea at that time....
is was so awesome.
Imagine that u r in the big blue deep sea, we are so small and mini. haha

Blue and clean sea~

Nice scenery! good for shooting...

Did u see before the sea is in light blue color??

Visibly clean and clear!!! i can see the underneath....

At night, we having dinner at the beach.

This is chalet... Nice and comfortable.

My skin turn darker...sobzzz..but i stil happy and having fun...wahahaha

The next day.....
We leave the island and went to Kelantan.
This is their malay market.
oh yea, i found something interesting there..
Their working day is at sunday to friday.
So means sunday they hav to work and schooling.
The local malay are very hardworking especially malay women.
Besides that, when we step in a chinese restorant in kelantan for dinner,
What i can see in my 1st sight is.............
i saw lotz of lotz of malayssss in the restorant!!!

The restorant seats are full and i just saw 2 tables of chinese ppl there.
And others all are Malay...OMG!!! i like there so much!!
i think the kelantan Malay is more open minded and they willing to accept chinese as the local malaysia food. (of coz all the food are halal)
Unlike KL here, everybody stick to their own race food.>.<''

this is the pasar pagi in kelantan!

introducing the snake fruit... i felf it was very disgusting and i don dare to eat it!! but my mum said it was nice and nutritious.

Let us hav a close up..... really looks like snake skin right??? yerrr... so geli

This is a terrible thing i found out there...they are selling sea turtle eggs!!!
I hate the cruel....>.<
at 1st i tot is ping pong...hahahaha.. i'm so stupid. but it really look like ping pong mar.

this is the outdoor market

2 lovely couple of chicken die together.

Batik is their region speciality....alot of batik booth..

读万卷书不如行千里路!letz go travel 吧!
my friends, next time we go together yea~

我又买了另一本新书!哇咔咔~ >.<








zoom in 给你们看看!



About something????

- tagged by Travin...oh gosh~~ she wanna understand me more? wahahah..kidding~~

1. Where is your cell phone?
duno, coz i alwayz put it in different places

2. Your significant other?
??? duno

3. Your hair?
everytime change hairstyle and ppl really can't recognize me at 1st glance!!! oww.... and my hair is purely black =)

4. Your mother?
she is a very good wife, love her although sometimes she alwayz bark at me

5. Your father?
a strange person. he hav a strange temper. all my friends said so. i agree.

6. Your favorite thing?
food- sushi, tom yam,vegetable
things- no limitation. if i like it at 1st glance will do.

7. Your dream last night?
last night no dream lor...
but recently i dream lots of my future prince charming... when u will appear??? ha~

8. Your favorite drink?
apple juice. i will get high & drunk if overdose.

9. Your dream/goal?
publish my own illustration book. ppl will noe my art work. have art fanz.

10. The room you’re in?
of coz in my house...

11. Your hobby?
wacthing drama, movie, comedy. eat watever i like. buy watever i like. play watever is fun^^

12. Your fear?
ghost.... & no ppl noe my existance...

13. Where do you want to be in six years?
ppl noe me thru my illustration and i will be famous~

14. What you’re not? skin are too dark

15. Muffins?

16. One of your wish list items?
find a rich + kind + good husband...hahaha

17. Where you grew up?
selangor, PJ

18. The last thing you did?
cook dinner for family

19. What are you wearing?
casual wear

20. Favorite gadget?
printer comes wif scanner

21. Your pets?
silly dog tat stay wif my family but i never play wif him

22. Your computer?
lag la... hav to fight for it to use sometimes. =D

23. Your mood?
no feeling now

24. Missing someone?
hmmm...... maybe??

25. Your car?
just outside.

26. Something you’re not wearing?

27. Favourite store?
popular book strore

28. Like someone?
last time use to like someone and get hurt at last.

29. Your favourite colour?
i like black and white

30. When is the last time you laughed?
when i went out wif my best frens

31. Last time you cried?
recently watching a drama... wat a sad story...

I tag...???
lazy to tag.....u guyz are save...haha

可能习惯了....哈哈! 惨~
Happy Holidayz~

Yo guys!
is holiday!! waaaaa
dam happy...
enjoy arrr.
i wil hibernate kau kau
Design method 1

Lol...done my poject d...huhuh...
finally can enjoy my holiday~~~~~
wait for so long le...
these are the 2 projects from design method subject.....
now i only post it..coz really got no time to upload man...
btw, yenny class is nice and interesting...
it inspired me alot to design in another way...
for the website design i like the second one the most!!
the big mouth monster~ haha i like it bcoz really cute ><

this is postcard design. we have to design 4 version for our client a.k.a classmate
My client is kah rou...huhuh~

=) happy holiday

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