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This is an article tat i take from my fren's blog. I think it was inspiring. Really agree wad she had said.... especially in my design course, the ppl whom i encounter, sometimes hardworking will alwayz lead us to the way of success. Talented person who lazy to do work will lead to the way of failure..... so i must alwayz alwayz remind myself not to be lazy.... ~~~ kanbatte~




50% 的天生条件,
50% 自己的努力,





Web design 1: Final Outcome

finally done the web design 1 project 1, tomoro gonna submit
but i stil facing problem with the html....
if view in fire fox, the page is perfect, but in IE...
there are some part is not join together.. T__T
i duno why but i had try lotz of time to edit it..
i had asked my frens, they say my code should be no problem.
but wat happen????
wanna crazy liao.
wish me luck tonight... die lor die lor >.< Photobucket
busy busy busy

this week hav to rush web design 1 assignment...
i hate scripting =(
why so hard????????
Help me~

Errr.. this is the interface design for web design 1.
I am doing some kind of witch's web site...
eh. dunno this design got the mode and the feel of witch anot le???
I desperately need comment~~
my brother say is just like vintage house only... sob =(
which part still can add to enhance the visual and the feel of creepy&mysterious????

Please write comment to meeeeee =X
Tomoro is.....

To be frankly,
tomoro is my birthday.. i hav no any excited feeling on it
maybe my feeling was overwhelm by the stress of assignments and project.
Today i procrastinate again.... i din do anything..
Wasted 1 day of working day.

SO kesian for this year birthday, coz it falls on public holiday, somemore very near to assignment dateline....
Everything was mess up and my mind was empty when i start to do my assignment.
I am not looking forward to my birthday tomoro...
now feeling not good.
maybe because some of my best fren not arround to celebrate my birthday oso.

I not so mind about celebrating my birthday.
What i WANT is just to happily enjoy the day of my birthday with all my beloved frens.
A time to gathered arround and chit chat, play, having fun and tatz all.
but.... haih
suddenly felt my heart very empty.
i'm not looking forward on my birthday...
because of assignment!!!!
Birthday should be a day to treaten like a princess... but i had became the slave of assignment...
=( what a contrast......

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