The Unfinish progress ( 50%.......)

well... this is my latest half done icon...
lazy to continue d.. wakakaka....
I stil not so satisfy the color.... why!??!!!

To Be continue...............

My wall paper design... which effect is better???

My half done vector icon

T_____T sob...
This is My project progress for today...
aix... juz start on the 1st icon...
hmm... tomoro hav to continue... coz now very sleepy d....
I juz facing some color matching problem..
hope i could solve tat... ^^
My pixel icon is done!!

i finally just finish design my picel icons by using photoshop....
My Theme is: Fantasy Land @ Emo House for this pixel icon

hmm... i had designed the icons base on the project that given my my lecturer......

my sketches.....


Can u guyz actually recognize wat is the icon if i din write the name???
Hopefully everybody wil understand..... ^____^

My Vector icon is coming soon.................
Detail Detail.... soooo detail!!!!

What do u think of this picture????
cool? kuso?? detail????? crazy??? waliao???? amazing???

(I personally kinda like this drawing style......)

I found this interesting picture from a taiwan blog.... (i solute taiwanese designer now^^)

The designer is so creative and detail...

although he juz repeated the same pattern and elements, but it still looks cool and not boring...

As a designer, we hav to understand that how to attract ppl with our artwork in a creative way...

U doesn't need to be a good artist or have good photoshop & illustrator skills as ur begining weapon....

The most and only powerful weapon in this field is "CREATIVITY"!!~~

hmmm..... if i lack of creativity i will usually surf web, blog and others' album to get some inspiration....

well~~ we hav to respect other designers works too. We shouldn't imitate and copy the idea exactly from the original concept and style....GUYss, We should be more innovative!!!!

I would like to share this designer's artwork to u guyz....
his name is francis.....

(u may click on the pic to enlarge to see the detail)
Color Pallette Analysis

This is a color pallete which i adopted from a picture of a girl's face....
what can i comment on this color??

i realize something when i was doing this color pallete assignment~

We can't c things just in A way, we hav to * Think further*
from the picture tat i grab from the internet, i tought there will just have 3 color toning on the girl's face. but IT WAS WRONG!!

And now u can Seeee~~~

It have more den 3 colors......

Anywayz, i like this color very much coz beidge color give me a feeling of purity & humble~ compare to white color...lolz...coz white color is too plain!!

This colorful and funky circles gave me a very cute feeling...
It looks very young and of coz it is mostly suitable for YOUNGSTER taste...

The designer use the same value of color which is milky brown, milky green, milky blue and so on...
The contrast among these 5 colors are suitable and if u see carefully, the color pallette have RGB colors~ except for the brown n white... haha~

Overall this set of color makes me very happy and playful because the color juz looks like cartoon color....

wat is the 1st impression on this image in ur first glance????
Hot??? sexy??? or??? any other comment????
i kinda curious about the color of fire too... Thus i made a color pallette of fire....
The fire is form by certain warm colors which are red, yellow and orange...
Waaa.... tatz hot =.="

This is the set of wolf's color pallette...

whooOooOoooo~~~~so WILD!!!!
Itz very hard to define the value of gray because sometimes ppl think tat Gray color is not COLORFUL.... thus they assume tat gray color will not produce a nice artwork!

Guyz! , don get ConFuseD!!! This is not a grayscale picture! ^^ But i kinda appreciate this designer's works because he/she really put in alot of effort to play with different gray colors.well~ the upconing of this art peice not bad!!! and yet it attracted me too....haha^^

Did anyone go clubing before??

hmmm... well if u ask me this question, my answer is resounding "NOOoOoo!!"

I'm still a guai lui!! hahaha...lolz

but this disco ball looks different den the normal clubing dicso ball....

coz this looks more RoMantiC....

the colors are sweets, high class and charming~~~

It was the combination of warm and cold color..

so cool~~~~~~ ^^

Specially for Suki Emo =)


this is Suki's buddy icon...

she is one of my buddy too.... hmmm.. how i noe her ar...

very loooong story e............

We sit beside each other during the 1st day of orientation day, den she accompany me to wait for my bus for 1 hour++.. haha...

After tat, we study in the same foundation class which is CD075-3... so miss the time and the moment when we mix together.... she kinda crazy sometimes...

Thanks for ur understanding when i having some "mental conflict" after a church camp! (sorry ya tat time) haha

I juz hope our frenship can last forever... lolz...

U oso gambatte in ur Illustration course o~

Emo Emo Emo Go! Go! Go!

Dunno this icon nice anot... u like anot? hehe... satisfy? give some feedback ya~ ur hair ar, long time din c u dunno got any changes anot~

[ U may click on the picture to view larger and upload in high resolution file. =) ]

don worry! juz click it! haha^^

Buddy Iconz

Looooong loooong time agoooo~

This is the buddy icon that i designed for Digital for Multimedia class assignment ^.^ Can anyone guess who is her?? haha.. i think I juz change some hairstyle and added some nice accessories, I can't do much more to enhance the characteristic of Nicole d... ahaha... yea~ i'm doing nicole as my buddy icon. Meanwhile, she also doing Me as her buddy icon assignment... wahaha~~
I personally choose pink color antire and warm color for her character fashion design bcoz i think she kinda friendly and ferminine~ haha! Thus, i think these color quite suit her... lolz
Hmmmm.... dunno Nicole will satisfy her "look" anot... i wonderrrr.... >.<

Thatz all for today's tale ~


hehe~~ and this is Me.. I design my own icon~
New banner design

Aikz, this is the new banner that I design. but i can't fit to the size of the blog banner...
how to do??? can someone plz teach me...... >.<

Milo the Gingy

So this is the cute character design that i design and i sew it with needle and thread ^^
In ur opinion, it looks very dfficult and complicated or very easy to make it out??
No matter what is your answer, I think for me it is a very challenge work because it had stimulate my mind to think the most easy way, cheap cost, save time and material to produce such a cute gingy....

Oh yea.. forget to introduce this gingy to everyone...
Name : Milo
Skin color: Dark Brown
Age: 2 weeks old
Height: 7 Cm
Weight: 1g (too light, made by cotton)
Price: Not for sale~
Organ & Body made by: Felt cloth, buttons, threads
Ability: Posing the same face expression in 24 per hour a day
Hobby: Travelling all around the place
Shout out: Someone who interested in me plz take me home...
Master: Felicia

Anyone whu interested in how to make Milo the Gingy, u can surf my chinese blog ( ) Thanks alot ya~
Any other question u may ask me by leaving a comment to me ^^

This is my first post for this new blog.

Hmmm.....What can i say?
I just felt very happy yet troublesome to own two blog now...>.<
which is one is chinese [] another blog is english [blogspot].
I just affraid I don't have time to maintain both blog together *___*
If u guys feel so free, plz remember to surf my chinese blog o ^^

I had uploaded a lot of my comic on that blog... For this new blog, i not yet upload any new stuff yet....hehe... so sorry yea, have to wait patiently. Btw, I juz start my third semester class in The One Academy... This time is a short semester and I hope i can enjoy and get use of the life in The One Academy as a creative student =) ! lolz

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♥ I'm currently studying in
The One Academy

♥ I'm stupid and blur, so don bully me =3

♥ I love drawing but i hate FIGURE~~~~!!!!

♥ My msn is

♥ keep in touch ya~

♥ This is my cute little jojo pic


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