Assignment 2: Mouse and Cheeze

Just done this at 3.30pm sharp....when i tyring to do is very complicated lor...

haizz.. but at least i done already.. now can focus on my story board...


er... dunno u all understand my storyline anot.. hahahaha >.<

My self portrait

Yo... this is my s e l f p o r t r a i t....
haiz.. very comic style...
coz i really very bad in drawing something realistic...
hehe.. got my style? got felicia's feel there?? lolz
give comment ya~


Wan Wan~~~

Do U recognize this kind of comic style as above??? Do u noe whu is the artist??

No matter U already noe or still dunno...
I still wanna tell u....
This is a taiwan famous blogger....
Wan Wan~~~
i kinda admire her ady...

because she famous untill can publish book together with Rainie杨丞琳
wau....wat an amazing designer...

how come Rainie will cooperate with her?
At first, Rainie wanted to find a illustrator to draw her dairy blog becoz she
want to give her fans something different.
Thus, she asked someone to find illustrator for the sake of her blog...
But, turn up she is not satisfy with those illustrator...

At last, thanks for her eldest sis...
bcoz her sis is a loyal fanz of Wan Wan.
She introduced Wan Wan's blog to Rainie...

And the story goes on with Rainie leave a comment at first...

She wrote: "Can U draw some comic for my blog?"
But Wan Wan thaught it was a super fans of Rainie who leave the comment. =3
Then, i dunno how could Rainie can get her Msn and they start to chat...
After chating for some time, Wan Wan started to believe that the person is really ....
Rainie * Taiwan Famous celebrity* @___@

(this is their picture during their first meet...)
Finally, they decided to cooperate together to write a book...
Rainie will be the writer...
Wan Wan will be the writer + illustrator ...

So fun...
can take picture with super star and become her friend~

(having some fun during the shooting...)
(how lucky is her...)
I wanted to buy this new book.. looking forward on the book fest which start on 24th May and last for 1 week!!
Venue: KLCC convention centre
Besides the book fest,

something shocking will happen....

what is it??? (pls click it to view larger)
She will be coming to that book fest for autograph session and talk!!!!
Is wan wan not Rainie...

I wanna go to see her liao... hahaha
Tak boleh tahan! =3
want to see.....
wait for me ya~

Haiz, tomoro start my new semester le...
but still dun wan to sleep and still bloging here.. haha
anyway c u guyz tomoro!!!

Furlicia =3
The end of the Holiday

Holiday is going to end soon....
hectic life is coming back again!!!
i will miss holiday very much~

But during this term break, i quite not enjoy my holiday.
Bcoz now i just got back my pc..
so all the while i was using my old pc.
can't even use wacom to draw comic T__T

Hope i will enjoy the next term... ^^
Kanbatte to everyone too~~

This is a msn avatar tat i design for myself....
U guyz must jia you o!!!

♥ My name is Felicia Lim

♥ My age is a secret

♥ My birthday: 2nd October (2-10-19XX)

♥ I'm currently studying in
The One Academy

♥ I'm stupid and blur, so don bully me =3

♥ I love drawing but i hate FIGURE~~~~!!!!

♥ My msn is

♥ keep in touch ya~

♥ This is my cute little jojo pic


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