Logo Design competition for sin chew plus +

lol. very last minute design...
i just noe this competition and design it by today..
and the deadline oso until today..orz

the prize so amazing and attractive....
top winner can win a Rm3000 air ticket voucher...
i wan to go travel~~
haha.. but no time...
assignment too much >.<"
The suffer of Typo

Frankly, i now very suffer from typo...arrgghhh...
did so hard and wtf she reject all...
i noe my work is not qualified...and i already noe this when she critique others...
but this is not my fault.... i dunno wat she want at 1st..
she din show any reference, and her briefing about this web site design is dam confusing and not clear....
Yesterday itot we only suppose to design 40 computer thumbs but not 20!!!
Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!
Do u noe maths??? can u see the number is double up???
dam piss off..
i rather do nice 20 thumbs (quality) den 40 thumbs (quantity)

waste my time + energy + electric bills + printing money + effort + internet bills.... Wuaaaaaa

ok...fine... due to this situation, i think next week will be more terrible..
Nightmare... NO! there is no nightmare bcoz i don even hav a time to sleep.
Next week typo have test (fine), have to submit 8 weeks typo research...wtf
Why i so blur??? why? why i monday only realize tat the typo research have to do 98?
i tot each week to do 2 for 1 topic only.... haizz...ok... this shows i blur and her instructions is not clear oso....
I almost killed my future..... haizz.

now i realize........
Assignment + Stress + No time + No sleep + Tired + Exhausted + Money = D.I.E

i really need to R.I.P lar... rest peacefully..... relax relax~~
a designer life is tired when u are not able to do ur work well...
so not to let urself tried, u have to learn how to survive, improve ur skills, and manage ur time well!
anyway....design is......

(negative) It's fun but it's tired!!
(positive) It's tired but it's fun!!!

Tadaa... lastly. just wanna use typo to express my feeling.... wtf.

Now hav to work on my flash animation~~~ chaoz
I'm book hecker~

Hey... yea is me again...
apa la.. this is my blog of coz is me... haha!^^
anyway, as i waited to post this since very long time ago after the KLCC bookfest...
but i don't have any chance and time to do it T___T

" I DO really need extra time to do my stuff..."

Now i'm going to introduce my favorite books tat i bought from the bookfest.
Guess wat?
I bought 10 books in the fest and it just cost me about RM260.. >.<>
Maybe for some of u all will think this might be expensive? but for me is dam worth & cheap..
but sorry ya.. for those who can't read chinese, coz all the books are in chinese.
Anyway, i will explain it in english... don worry =3
okie, mostly i bought comic books in different style....

Firstly, this illustration books come in series with different artist,
and i just bought 2 of it... (*RM 22/ per book)
I like the illustration style... very nice and interesting~
the colour is very match with the illustration...
like it~ ^^

This is the "mao mao chong" comic book + hong kong artist's illustration book...
ok...let's talk about the comic 1st...
the comic is dam kuso...

as for the hong kong artist - Stella So...
The art style is very unique.... somehow she apply all her illustration
in the chinese calligraphy paper which have the square boxes.

Next, this is from taiwan's book too....
the story is about the artist went to oversea to study and how can she survive there....i like her style too~

Japanese artist illustration...
but i think she knows chinese too...her titile is about life in Tokyo...
hmmm...some day i wish i can go to Tokyo...
her water colour skill so nice~

This is a very intersting book...
is like a compilation comic book from different taiwan artist...
each page have many nice illustration and i can use it as my reference! hoho~~

yea... these is all about my book sharing....
dunno u guyz enjoying "looking" at my books anot.
hehehe...btw, i'm sort of a book hecker, so if got any book fest...
Please REMEMBER to find me go... ^^

-Miss Furlicia-

Done: 4 posters

Yeah~~ finally i done the 4 posters d...
thursday going to present le...
Please leave any comment for me to imporve it ya~
my theme is: christmas value

Sakae sushi

today.... after moral class, me n suki went to sakae sushi@sunway for dinner...
den we eat.....eat ...eat.....
cannot waste the rm24.90...
is a buffet price.
very worth..if u r hungry,
ends up. me n suki ate until too full and wanna vomit..haha

total: 16plates of sushi + 2 green tea + 2 udon mee sup

after makan, suki hav a photo shooting with the plates...


Actually i like to eat sushi and tom yam very much^^
those r my favoritesss...

-the end-
work progress

Wacom style n illus style.. i had tried liao.. but still thinking use wat style

Movie: Kung Fu Panda

Yesterday i watch kung fu panda with MM friends.. haha
the movie very nice...and funny..
like the panda so much...
he is very cute..
but i dunno why his father.. is a bird...haha!!!

anyway, after movie.. i went back home and rest...
wat a wonderful friday night...^^

Flash progress

This time i try to use illustrator to create...
Haiz.. just now watch shuqi's flash.. dam nice eh..
i like the style too.. ^^
wacom?? illus??? haiz.....anything larrr.....

Moral Project : Drug Abuse

This is my Moral group project...
we made a short movie for the presentation...
The title of the movie is "Dead End"
hmmm... everyone noe tat once we take drug, we wil get addicted to it...
so..Please say NO to DRUG!!
let's talk about the movie..

I playing an "important" role in the movie..
haha.. coz if not Me... nick will never take the drug..haha...

i'm a bad person....

in the movie lar...>.<
haha... Btw, i wanna thanks to Zermi as he shoot and edit this nice clip for this assignment....
Thank you...Thanks to my others group members too.... Muackss! =3

动态度dong tai du event

Hehe... so looong din blog about my personl dairy liao... so now i'm going to update...
I did mention b4 i wan to go the "dong tai du" music fest...
but actally my motive is visit their art market...hehehehh...
This is some pictures tat captured by ShuQi...MMU de senior...
very pro in shooting de...@___@ haha
nex time can ask him to teach me.

People moutain People sea

I Like this cow n Milk!!!!
Drinking Milk.......
The art market...
They selling many cute stuff ^^
Listening to the concert...

-the end-

Kinda enjoy this fest and the music really very geng!!
Is good tat Malaysia band is trying to break thru the old style^^ yea~
Which one?

doing flash project...hmmm...
dunno which art style is better to animate and look more smooth n nice....
1st one i used wacom tablet to draw
for the 2nd one i use illustrator to create....

25% progress for design method

My theme is : Christmas...

tis is my illustration poster design ^^
now i'm doing the another 25%...hehe
jia you to everyone of Multimedians....
is kinda hard for me to do this project bcoz i really dunno
wher is the art direction..
everything seems to be very blur n confusing.....
Although we saw some of our senior's work, it was clear but
it makes me more confusing le...
StresssSS =.=

hoho... these are the books that i bought from the book fest...
10 books.. = RM260++
worth it! =D

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