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My Client site : Berjaya Properties >.<"

-Main color of the web: Green blue, orange and white.
-some images are break apart.
-some links are broken links.
-the navigations are repeated on top, side and bottom. ( abit of confusing )
-simple layout
-variety use for the font color makes the user confuse.


Some Short Intro::

ABOUT Berjaya Properties:

Berjaya Land Berhad (also known as “BLand”) was incorporated in 1990 to implement the Restructuring Scheme undertaken by Sports Toto Malaysia Bhd ("Sports Toto") whereby the entire paid-up capital of Sports Toto was acquired by BLand. Simultaneously, BLand made major acquisitions of various property and leisure activities which was funded via a Rights and Special Issue.

BLand's core activities are :

-Vacation Timeshare, Hotels, Resorts and Recre

ation Development;

-Property Investment and Development; and

-Gaming and Lottery Management.


1. Provide side map for the user:

Home, About Us, Our Project (Project Showcase, Sneak Preview, Project Listing), Financing Information(Home Loan, Mortgage Calculator), Foreign Investment(FIC Regulation, Malaysia-My Second Home), Customer Support(Send-a-feedback, contact us), Site Map, Recommend a friend.

2. Provide shortcuts and hotkeys to the project listing of building.

3. Pops up a new window when the

user clicks the project name and put in the images to give the user a clearer picture.

4. The hotkey is everywhere and different content as this will confuse the user.


1. Have many broken link (such as: Our Project, Financing Information, Foreign Investment and Customer Support.)

My Comment:

As I can see, there are more focus on the project listing and want to make a convenient way for the buyer when they browse their web site.Their layout is designed in simple, neat and obvious layout.This web site is needed to be updated frequently as to inform the place is sale or sold out.Using tables to arrange the information and the structure of the table are visibly can be seen. (boring and normal design)

I think the logo of BERJAYA should be on top or on the bottom with the layout as a banner. It will be more consistency.

Improvement that I suggested: colour scheme is very boring, old design with patterns, the title of the Berjaya Properties is not stand out, navigations design is very bad, can add in more flash banner, position: All the detail flush to left, there is a big space & gap on the right side.

This website targeted ppl who are interested to buy a new house or a land, developer and bussiness man...

The web site's function is more to promoting and advertise a new project and let the user get the info and contact number if they are more interested.

The navigation part is not well arra

nge and categorize...

Should out in price, user friendly button such as: printing, add as bookmark and search properties engine...


{Site Map }

{ Mood Board } for layout design...

[competitor 1:: Mayland ]

-simple and neat layout.
-good arrangement of content as they put all the important info and highlights in homepage.
-navigation is clear.
-soft color and clean background.

[competitor 2:: MegaHarta ]

-Nice image.
-Have consistancy.
-Shouldn't let the background so plain.
-Good arrangement of properties listing.
- Provide quick search service.
-The log-in bar is not suitable placed in the banner... looks weird.

[competitor 3 :: iProperty ]

-Not consistancy in layout design.
-Some have different templete design and background color.
-Provides different languages for different region and countries.
-Provide member sign-in, quick search.
-Some information is too packful.
-Choice of font(verdana) is not nice.
-The typefonts of the content and navigation is different.

[competitor 4:: FullHouse ]

-Information is well arranged and comfort.
-Provide other content such as: house buying guide, home loan calculator and some useful links.
-Have E-newsletter subscribe service.
-Navigation link wif some related image is easier for the user to navigate.

[ Good website 1:: Swatch ]

-High class and elegant layout look.
-Nice + simple navigation.
-Clean and neat background.
-A very nice online catalogue.
-Nice flash banner treatment to make the web site alife.

[ Good website 2:: Pizza Hut ]

-Apply the coorperate color (red color) as their background color.
-Menu is well catogerize and in good arrangement and flow.
-Simple navigation.
-Add in some image as banner to enhance the visual.
-The color matching is harmony.
-Maintain the consistency of layout design.

[ Good website 3:: Milo ]

-Nice flash design and interactive.
-Cooperate identity: Use green color as their cooperate color for their background.
-Simple and interesting navigation.
-devided the content and info into different category wif different medium (games, interactive, scrolling....)
-Consistency of using layout.

[ Good website 4:: Euphoria ]

-Nice color mode.
-Suits the theme of the club (elegant and high class)
-Add in some music to bring out the atmosphere.
-Text and the graphic/image are well blend together.
-Used of interesting transition to go another page.
-Provides online booking. (for convenient)

{ html + javascript tutorial links:: }



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