Design method 2: Project 1

Design Method 2
Project 1

hehehe.... a story about a t-shirt....
after the presentation i will post it up~~~
My new Family member

Last saturday, my mummy bought a new puppy from the pet shop...
His name is JoJo~~~~ (breed: america cocker....)
wat a cute little notty puppy.



Assignment: Digital Media 2 (action script 3.0)

Project 1: Fly me to the moon

Dear lecturer and tutor =3
(att to: Hazmer, Wai Khong & Sook Chiung)
here is the links of my sketches as below : -

Page 1 : My own defination of moon

Page 2 : My doodle for the project

Page 3 : Background element design

Page 4 : My witch character design

My fly me to the moon version is about a witch.
She is travelling to the moon with her broom.
The moon is her source of energy.
Btw, she have a pet - a bunny.
(i don like cats) haha!!
There is a magical forest above the sky which lead the way to the moon.
SO, the witch have to pass by the magical forest.
The background i will design alot of magical stuff.
errr.. tatz all for my idea.

This is sort of my art direction for this project 1 =3

*PS: LoL. this term do many magical stuff....haha*
assignment: Web design 1

Project title: If I am a...
(att to: Chong & Jo)

Ok, well...
The topic that i got from the lucky draw during the class is " MAGICIAN"
very magical right??
At first, my mind pops out a very big question mark like this...
I dunno anything about magic....
For me magic is a very mysterious and is kinda “impossible" job.
There is always an unrevealed secret and tricks behind the scene....
I will always amaze by those magic tricks but yet i never know how they do it!!!
well, this is the time to challenge me to do more research as i really a magic idiot.

After did my own research, I found out there is alot of definition for Magician.

There is a broad definition to define what is Magician :
1. A sorcerer; a wizard.
2. One who performs magic for entertainment or diversion.
3. One whose formidable skill or art seems to be magical: a magician with words.

I realize being a witch also consider a magician. So, i choose to be a evil (good) witch!


Ok, here is the story about me:

My name is Emma Hesper and I like to watch movie/show about magical power, read novel which related to magic such as Harry Potter, Narnia....and more. Since i was young, i have a great interest in magic because I think magic have the power to make impossible thing to possible. I always imagine my self have the ability to do some magical stuff. But yet, in this reality world... there is no such thing!!!

Until my 20 years old birthday, mum told me a unbelievable secret....

She said she is a witch who came from a magical world where is at far far away kingdom.
She came to human's planet to complete a mission. But, unfortunately she fall in love with my dad...To stay on the planet,she try to cover her identity where as she love my dad so much.
So, the truth is : I am the daugther of sorcerer... OMG!!!! Photobucket
yeah~ my dream come true.. I am a witch!!! wahahaha

To become a witch, My mum teach me magic and alot of magic spells. Yet, i can do alot of impossible things at last. =)

But I have been assign to compelete a mission..which is....
I have to stop the evil demon " Muzaffar" from polluting and jeopordize the human's planet.
He had murdered alot of sorcerers who want to banish him.

Hence, to defeat Muzaffar, I have to always train my skills. I had built my own secret chamber where i stuff all my magic tools and weapons. Of course, it is also a place which let me practice my skills and spells.

I hope i can use my magic power to protect the world!~

The End

hehehe... this is all about my story. how is it???
i hope everyone will understand more where as i also add in some ilustration to make my post not boring lorrr...

my idea for the web site:
i would like to design my website like a secret chamber room who "stuff" the content.
My stupid Look with old spec*

haha... just post this up for fun...
i din wear a spec b4 coz i have a super duper good vision.
but i think all my friends wear spec very cool and look pro.
so since i hav a chance to waer it.. i would like to see how is the look when i'm wearing spec...
look nerd right? haha ..i noe i noe... >.<

model(from left): Mz, Me, K.C
Photographer: Joy
Venue: Full House @ NZX
Art against drink drive competition

Title of work: The Decision Maker
Group Members: Me and Sheng Yu
Feedback: Interesting, can learn alot of things but exhausted!!!
Production period: 3 days ( i think so..haha)

Oh yea, please turn on the speaker when u play the movie clip!!
Hope u guyz will get the msg 100%.....
muacks =3
New Blog Skin

Yea.... finally i had change my blog skin...
haiz...stupid html code makes me so stupid...
but the Web design 1 really helps me alot...
I know how to read a little bit of html code... and noe wat izit already..
hehe...dunno u guyz like the new changes anot...
although is not my design...
i will try to put my design into my blogskin...
if i have the time to do it larr... hahaa....


I have done ntg...but only a msn emo-icon during the term break...
here izit....
version: furlicia is confusing!~

how to use it???

u can click it, save as image, den open the msn to create a new msn icon, den just link my icon...
tat is so easy... and u can use it....haha

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♥ I love drawing but i hate FIGURE~~~~!!!!

♥ My msn is

♥ keep in touch ya~

♥ This is my cute little jojo pic


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