My Holiday Plan

i noe its been a long time din update this blog..
actually this blog is for Assignment purposes...
and my another journal blog is

ok back to the point
holiday is here.
really need to plan up my time.

wat i wanna do for my holiday is:

1.change blog skin.
2. draw my comic. kao kao
4.earn money by doing part time
5.travelling around
6.take as many pic as i can
8.sleep more
9.yum char
User Testing

Hey there,
i need some comment and feedback for my Web Design 2 project.
I'm doing a land property company website which is
For this project, I have to redesign and create a whole new layout design for the company.
Thus, I desperately need some comments on my design and web usability.
feel free to comment... please~~~
thanks for your time.. appreciate it...

1. Did the color, graphic and images suits the company identity?
2. Do your think this layout design is suitable for Berjaya Properties?
3. Do you think this is a land properties website when you see it in your first time ?
4. Is the homepage attractive enough?
5. Should I have different header (top part) layout design for each page?
6. The typography for the fonts, lettering, info, heading and title suits the company website?
7. Do you still want to explore the other pages of this website when you just enter the homepage?
8. Any comment or suggestion to improve the layour design?

1.Is the information easy to read and understand?
2.Do you comfort with the web site structure?
3.Is it easy to explore and navigate?
4.Will you come back and visit this site again? Generally, what would attract you to come back for visit again?
5.Is the content / info is clear or confusing the user?
6.Any comment or suggestion to improve the web usability?

**Thanks for your time ^^ **

Truely greatful and touch~

the pop up window to view the detail of the property.

splash page befor enter the homepage.

the layout design for overall and for the others pages oso.

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