Game Interface Design Progress

Please comment my game interface... no matter is good or bad..
hahahahah....but mostly i won change liao la..
no time + lazy..... haiz. stil got other project waiting for me... :(

Motion Graphic Project 1 Review

This is wad i vomit out in 2 days..
motion graphic in typoraphy!!
geng leh?? after tat i lazy to refine d... i just refine the detail....== (opss...sorry joanne)

really makes me vomit blood!! bleukkk.......~~~

today ngam ngam just submit this jekk.. den project 2 brief paper come again....
study 3rd year in TOA is dam tiring.... everything is like rush rush rush!
wats going on to my time!!!!!
seriously! im so nervous... and sleepy laaa everytime when finish a project...
sommore really treat it like my BF! every hour every second must focus it....

this is just a part of begining...
my disaster life will coming soon...
muahahahaha.. kisiao....

anyway, explain my motion project 1st...
title is: On the road..
using road mark and symbol as my design element...

comment laaa.. good :) or bad :( .. anything lahhh XD


rushing for olympus video competition..tml presentation neh XD
Motion Graphic Progress1

Lol.... Having Motion graphic for this term.. and we get the chance to learn after effect =.=
this is the art direction that i go for..
the road mark wif symbol.....
i din use multi color this time ^^
try a new different style... comment comment!

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